Through regular monthly giving, our partners help bring the extravagant love of God to the poorest of the poor in Washington D.C. and help equip other believers around the nation to minister supernaturally in their spheres of influence. We cannot fulfill our mission without your help, and every gift counts. The Apostle Paul told his partners that they were essential to his work in spreading the gospel and we view our partners in the same way. While you may not be able to physically participate in this work, you can share in the joy and heavenly reward of changed lives through this ministry. Join us today, become a partner, and participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.

$50 – covers the expenses for weekly mentoring.
$75 – covers the expenses for our weekly street ministry in Southeast Washington D.C.
$150 – covers the expenses for us to offer free spiritual guidance, dream interpretation, deliverance, and healing appointments each week.
$300 – covers the expenses for us to conduct encounter events in different sections of Washington D.C.
$600 – covers the expenses to conduct our supernatural innovations workshops in Washington D.C.
$750 – covers the travel expenses for us to teach at a training and equipping event outside of Washington D.C.