All believers are called to spread the gospel message of Jesus. For some that means going overseas, for others it is to tell neighbors and co-workers about the goodness of God. We all have a roll to play in His kingdom to see lives and communities transformed. We challenge you to   share your faith with others and actively participate with the spreading of the gospel.

Sep 15, 20: Kingdom on the streets – Anacostia, Washington D.C.

Sep 19: GCSSM Online Teaching

Sep 20-21: Supernatural Life Conference – Camp Hill, PA

Sep 25-Oct 10: Japan & Korea Missions

Wounded No More @woundednomore:

#Reformers challenge the status quo, forge new territory, go against the flow, question bad norms, and are often misunderstood or derided by others. Be a reformer! Change the world!

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Discipleship Training

Our next FREE discipleship training course starts July 19th. Register below to join in as Gene & Lauren as they unpack concepts from their new book about the incredible journey of following Jesus and how you can step into the fullness of what God has for your life.

Outreach Opportunities

See what it looks like to love on purpose and represent Jesus to a hurting and lost world as you join Gene & Lauren on outreach in Southeast Washington D.C. — come by yourself or bring a team from your church/ministry school!