You can schedule appointments to meet with Gene & Lauren in their D.C. office space at 1629 K Street NW Washington DC. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can also schedule internet video sessions on Wednesdays.

Internet video sessions are now available on Wednesdays – Select the internet video session option under services if you prefer this option.

Spiritual guidance – Receive spiritual advice and guidance about any topic in your life.
Dream interpretation – Have the meaning of your dreams interpreted, and discover what God is speaking to you through your dreams.
Physical healing – An alternative, or augmentation, to traditional health care where we use the gifts given to us by Holy Spirit to pursue a supernatural healing of physical ailments.
Inner healing – Receive freedom and healing from emotional or spiritual wounds that have occurred as a result of life experiences. As with physical healing, we use the gifts given to us by Holy Spirit to pursue supernatural healing in these areas. This includes help with PTSD.

Book a date and time using the form below (all times are EST), and we will confirm with you within 24 hours. All appointments are free of charge, but if you would like to support our work to help others, you can make donations here.