Kingdom on the Streets

Kingdom on the streets is our way of regularly engaging with the people of Ward 7 and 8 who spend the majority of their time outdoors and in public areas. Every week we hit the streets of Washington D.C. to share God’s love in a tangible and powerful way with whoever we happen to encounter. Often times, these are the people who will not seek assistance from any type of professional counselors or spiritual leaders to help with the addictions they battle or the physical and emotional injuries they endure. So we take the assistance to them. Our desire is to build community with all the residents in this part of the city by showing them that they are valuable, teaching them how to overcome their challenges, and bringing healing to their lives. These encounters have the ability to shift the trajectory of a person’s life back on track and it is very common to see supernatural healing and the restoration of hope during these outings. We love taking others out on these adventures so send us a note if you would like to join in on the fun! No previous experience required.